Scotland 7th - 25th August 2013

This summer in August, we planned a trip to Scotland. We - they are two families with a small children, so our journey together has promised to leave a lot of special impressions.

During the trip we was supposed to spend two days in Aberdeen (actually, we arrived in Aberdeen and from the Aberdeen came back home), and then in a rented car take a trip to the National Park Cairngorms, where to spend a week in Logie Coldstone, far away from people and cars. After that, take a trip to Lanark in order to visit the Scottish Festival of History (17 and 18 of August) and complete the familiarity with Scotland a week that we spent in the hostel of the University of Stirling.

We assumed daily to pass short hiking trails. Tracing the hiking was not something difficult as Scotland and indeed the UK has digital topographic maps, which can be found, for example, on the site. There you can choose suitable routes from existing, or plan your own, based on the topographic map places of interest.

The following links you can download tracks and topographic maps (*. Plt (OZI) and *. Kmz (Google Maps)), compiled by us for some areas of Logie Coldstone (national park Cairngorms), as well as the surrounding area of Lanark and Stirling.

So, we spent 18 days in Scotland, which was as follows:

 Dimitry S. Lyumet12 February 2014 
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